Terry Pratchett Books

Terry Pratchett is one of my absolute favorite authors. Lets call him the top 5. Okay, maybe top 3. Who am I really kidding except myself? I’d say that he is number one, with the writing team Ilona Andrews coming in an equal if not close second place.

Seriously, how often do you read a book that makes you laugh yourself silly in public? On a regular and even predictable basis even? I have had very few series that can attest to that level of entertainment.

I crave books. I must constantly be reading and chewing on story lines just to stay sane. I have been reading as long as I can remember (started avidly around 4th grade and was rated college-level the same year). This is not a boast- but an idea of scale. Imagine how many books can one person read in a decade or more? I can read a standard romance novel in two hours (and yes, I use to read a lot of those). Not so much any more. I have moved on to urban fantasy.

Terry Pratchett is a singular constant. He has one series that, I believe, has several dozen books. I have never read an author who weaves so rich and intertwined a fabric of stories, and better yet, places. The setting has as much, if not more character then some of the walking ones (especially in Ankh Morpork- it has enough character to choke a person (and has done so on several occasions)).

Discworld is a flat world that is balanced on the backs of 4 giant elephants, on the shell of an even larger turtle swimming through space. If you want to know said turtles gender, please read the books. Magic is just another job on Discworld, and the vast ray of characters that appear repeatedly in the storyline tells some interesting tales.

My favorite character is Death (yes the 6-foot tall skeleton) who rides a white horse named Binky. This is done so because flaming horses tend to set their stalls on fire. He even has a granddaughter! (Adopted, but family is in the soul.)

Read any one of his books and become engrossed for all hours of the night as you chip the grit from your eyes so that you can see to turn another page.

His humor is one of a kind, and you will often have to read a book several times to get everything.

Don’t miss out!

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