It’s that time of year!

Well it is the time of the year when we beg a rototiller from a family member and proceed to till our little patch of nutritional and money saving heaven! At least, that is the goal. Last year, we were able to put our garden in a little chunk of the field that had been next door. Grandpa brought up the big tractor and we had a very decent size garden. Unfortunately, bunnies and groundhogs made short work of most of our peppers, peas, and every freaken. Single one of our sugar snaps!
We couldn’t afford a big fence- so this year, we are going old school.

I scavenged some wood from the freebie dumpsters outside the furniture store.

20130601-204718.jpg (No this isn’t my garden-not nearly that green)

We put stakes up with fishing line on them to discourage deer and bought anti-animal pellets to help and deter bunnies. It also deters armadillos, but haven’t seen any of those in Pennsylvania yet. Must keep vigilant!

This years crop includes several dozen tomato varieties, several hot and mild peppers, lavender, Italian Parsley, Chives and cabbage, broccoli, corn, peas, and beans. We may end up replacing deer eaten peppers, or onion.

What is the best soil for basil? I have rotten luck with it in the soil where we live, as well as with carrots. I know carrots need sandy soil & we are more clay. We are also surrounded with pine trees, which tend to make soil rather acidic. Great for tomato crops though.

I am aiming at buying a Rose Heirloom tomato- in the south I had heard of a grower getting 20 lbs of fruit from one plant. I would be happy with half of that, however- it grows more like a vine and can be over six feet tall. You can even get several vines.

I only hope that we will be able to have enough of everything to do canned spaghetti sauce, canned salsa, and canned hot peppers. we shall see!

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One Response to It’s that time of year!

  1. LFFL says:

    I love that garden picture.

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