So I have discovered a new book I absolutely adore! It’s called “Food In Jars” by Marisa McClellan. We found the book at Cracker Barrel and I won it by right of my sister couldn’t fit it in her luggage to go back to New Zealand. Any hoodles, I am already planning to use several recipes as money-savings Christmas presents! My husband and I can’t afford many presents, so we usually do cookies and scones. Problem is, so does the rest of his family. His grandmother alone usually makes more than seven dozen cookies and distributes them to the masses. All I can usually have time for is snicker doodles and chocolate chip. She does blossoms, snow balls, jam prints, chocolate chip, etc. You get the point. We still had a plate from her alone several months later in our freezer, but I digress.

Food in Jars is nice in that it provides canning for SMALL AMOUNTS of food or produce. Most of my recipes yield several large jars, but I don’t always have enough from the garden to warrant a full-scale weekend of battle canning. For me, Battle Canning is when my mother-in-law and my mother both come over for a whole weekend and we do nothing but can huge quantities of whatever the star recipe is (my mother-in-law usually does the spaghetti sauce recipe, and that is the biggest pot I have ever seen fit on a stove. Next year, it’s going in the turkey roaster!).

With my mom, it is usually large batches of strawberry freezer jam (general consensus in the area is that her jam could be used as a currency instead of paper bills).

I am very excited and I already have several recipes from this book I am excited to try! The link to the blog can be found here. She does lots of pickling recipes but has loads of neat stuff.

I plan on at least doing the beer bread and chocolate cake in a jar as well as some of the roasted tomatoes recipes.  I planted some 4 dozen tomatoes of different varieties, here goes!  Also, my husband went and planted a load of radishes and cauliflower, so also trying this recipe (Pickled Carrot and Radish disks), and this one (Lemony Cauliflower Florets)!

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