So I have to share my first quilt!

My hubby’s nephew and I share a similar addiction to all things Toothless and How To Train Your Dragon. So, I decided to make him a Toothless quilt!

I made it lap size, with machine quilting lines along the simple 2″ squares & a little bit of free motion quilting in the middle to do a dragon. Metallic thread sucks (just for the record).

My husband is my display rack for these pictures.


This is the front of the quilt. You can see the dragon better in the next picture.


I even did the part of his tail that was replaced in red metallic thread ($17 a spool, thank God for random strangers with coupons).

I did the backing in a black cotton that has little circles, picked up especially because they looked like dragon scales! The machining was done entirely in green thread to match the accent, and it made for a cool effect on the back.


I pretty much just did a 1/4 inch straight stitch along the edges of the piece seams, and a decorative stitch around the center rectangle. I made the binding from scraps, and discovered I had a binding foot in the process that I hadn’t known about. The 1/4 inch presser foot was a God-send.

A good deal of my help came from wonderful Pinterest searches!
I certainly learned alot, and I can’t wait to start my new project – a Christmas table runner!

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